Thursday, March 8, 2012

Vertical Expression of Horizontal Desire - Why Women Love To Dance

Women love to dance. Men don't. Why?

So much of what we do comes down to the fact that we really are nothing more than clever monkeys. We have built incredible societies and inventions and art, but what prompts us to do these things often comes down to one very simple purpose. To have sex. Well, really to have happy, healthy children who will go on to have sex and so on and on. So when we ask why do we sing, speak, play instruments, play sports, or dance the answer is almost always to have sex. While the final answer is often very predictable, the why of the answer can be very interesting.

So why do we dance? Why do women love it and men often not so much. Women dance to learn about potential mates. Dance forces men to reveal grace, agility, creativity, strength, control, dominance, restraint. Dance tells women all they need to know to determine the man's suitability as a father. Statistics show that half of all men are below average. So why advertise?

We know that for women smell is incredibly important to choosing a mate. What's really amazing is that there is no such thing as a good smelling guy and a bad smelling one. Guys smell different to different women because what they are smelling is the collection of immunities a guy has and how different they are from hers. If she has half and he has half, the children would be healthier if the parents had different halfs. The children might be so lucky as to have all.

What does smell have to do with dance? It gives women a chance to smell a guy.

There are remarkably few things that are universal across all societies, but dance is one of them. Dance is as fundamental to who we are as speech, walking erect, and making music.

How can dance tell a woman so much?

Imagine the perfect dance from a woman's perspective. The music starts and he takes your hand. He holds you, but not aggressively. He leads confidently and firmly, but is always conscious of what you like and don't like. He creates a perfect bubble where you can completely abandon yourself to the music. You are free to do whatever you want because he is guiding you around the floor. There is not a care in the world. There is nothing to fear. There is only the music in that perfect bubble he made just for you.

It's no wonder then that the perfect dance can be better than sex for a woman and the source of great fear for men. A man goes into battle and only has to kill other men who are trying to do the same. A man goes onto the dance floor to create a perfect world.